Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day! Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day! Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day! Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day!

2019 Schedule of Events!

11AM Opening Statements
11:05  Opening Prayer sung by Rebecca Stankaitis
11:10  Untitl’d
11:50  Dee Hebert

12:30  Sharon Wells

 1:10   Origins

 1:40   Brian Willowfire
 2:30   Kellianna
 3:15   Drum Circle ~ Bring your percussion instruments and join in!
 3:45   Raffle Items Winners Announced
 4:00   Mabon Ritual led by Silva of Blue Moon Coven
 4:45   Closing Statements 
Closing Prayer sung by Rebecca Stankaitis


About our Performers!

Our Keynote Speaker: Nicole Lahousse

Nicole Lahousse

★ The Alchemy of Transformation:  

A Strategic Formula for Your Success ★  

Personal Empowerment Program and the 5 Pillars of Success:

Learn what the 5 Pillars of Success are and how to bring

them all in to balance in the proper sequence, specifically

for what YOU need in your life RIGHT NOW!  

Learn how to unleash your true potential to obtain everything

you want out of life with easy to incorporate exercises,

techniques that work instantaneously, and create the reality

that you have been striving for.  

There is no ONE THING that makes it happen, but a series of

things that must come into proper balance to create your dream life.  

Nicole’s signature process has proven time and time again the

alchemical formula for total transformation and total success!

Also presenting~We Welcome Angela Kaufman Back to EMPPD!

Angela Kaufman

Pagan Practice and Our Sacred Mission 

How we can respond to a changing world by embracing the elements

of nature and draw from our spirituality to be channels of

healing, change and  transformation in society. 

Learn how to work with the essence of Air, Fire, Water and Earth

to bring your unique gifts to the world. 



Kellianna is an American pagan singer and songwriter internationally

renowned for her powerful performance of song and chant inspired by

myth, magic, sacred places, and ancient times. With guitar and vocals,

she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses.

With primal frame drumming and soaring vocal chants, she honors the

Earth and the Ancestors. Since 2003, she has performed her music in

10 countries on 3 continents, with regular visits to Canada, the

United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Australia. 

Brian Willowfire

Brian Willowfire

Brian Willowfire draws from a diverse collection of roots.

His music paints ethereal images onto an atmospheric canvas.

Brian lives to connect with his live audiences on a energetic level.

With driving guitar rhytmms and soulful melodies, his most cherished

complement was that he had "the voice of an angel." His unique and

sometimes abstract lyrical style provides nourishment for the imagination.

Brian has been transformed over the past decade by chronic illness.

He takes great pride in his resolve, seeking nature's holistic wisdom.

He hopes that music will reflect the new person he has become through

these experiences. He is on the path of the healer, striving to keep his

music a well integrated part of that vision  

Sharon Wells

Sharon Wells

From the gently flowing “Water”, to the student inspired and partially-written

“Chasm” tracing a journey of self-discovery, to the angry “Rip It”, Sharon Wells

is the unlikely pairing of an emotional water sign with a devotional practice

dedicated to being a warrior raven of the Morrigan. Performing during 2014’s

Eastern MA Pagan Pride was a bucket list item checked off after a 30 year hiatus

(working, raising a family, getting a Master’s Degree) and doing other people’s music.

After being asked if she had a CD and told she would be stupid for not pursuing it further,

“Core” and “Owl Eyes” were born. Much of her music tends to have a harder edge as her playlist

of choice is mostly metal and hints deeply of harnessing inner strength and free will to make

and take responsibility for your choices. Of course, there are songs that are just fun too,

or tell stories. Her musical journey has just begun, and she’s finally planning to record…

..wonder what’s coming next?

Dee Hebert

Dee Hebert



Origins, founded in September of 2011, is a folkloric dance company based in New England./p>

They are dedicated to performing ethnic dances from the Middle East and North Africa.

The members continue to expand their knowledge by attending workshops and master classed

with well known folkloric dance "Womens Social Dances of the Middle East and North Africa"

Origins will be presenting a performance of several women's social dances from the Middle

East followed by opportunity for audience to learn several dances.